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Bucket Hat Outfit Ideas for Ladies: Summer

Did you know the bucket hat was originally for keeping the rain out while fishing? This practical fashion favorite has come a long way from those humble origins. Today’s simple yet stylish hats come in every color and fabric, boasting slogans, catchphrases, or badges of your best teams. Designers like Prada and Gucci even do their own bucket hats, making it this summer’s must-have accessory.

Discover bucket hat outfit ideas you’ll love to show off this summer, whether you’re at the beach, hitting the town, or at your favorite festival.

Bucket Hat Outfit Ideas for Ladies: Summer

Bucket Hat Outfit Ideas: Five Ways to Wear It This Summer

What’s the best thing about the bucket hat? Possibly its simplicity. There’s no hassle —just grab it and go. Plus, thanks to affordable and customizable options, you can buy a bucket hat in any color you can think of. It’s not just fashion magazines and websites that think the bucket hat is great. Celebrities like Rihanna and Billie Eilish have been showing off their bucket hat outfit ideas, inspiring the rest of us to try this trend out.

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Creating your own style statement with the bucket hat is easy. Here are five favorite bucket hat outfit ideas for the summer months and different ways for you to personalize them.

1. The Bucket Hat Beach Look

One of the most popular summer bucket hat outfit ideas is to pair it with your favorite beachwear. Yes, you can put your best bikini on with your bucket cap. This is sure to be a big look, and you are making sure you stay safe in the sun. It’s a win-win. The good news is, as most bucket caps are cotton and washable, it doesn’t matter if it gets sandy or soaked in the sea.

For those windy beach days, grab a bucket hat with a discreet string to keep it firmly on your head.

2. Grunge It Up

Grunge is back in a big way. This ‘90s throwback look pairs perfectly with the bucket hat — another ‘90s refugee fashion fans have taken to their hearts. Big boots with zips or buckles, combats and khakis, and vests are the foundation of the summer grunge look. Your bucket hat is the cherry on the non-conformist cake. Go for the wildest print fabric you can find or darker colors to match your rebellious look.

Stylish young woman with beautiful hat

Finish it all off with a checkered, flannel shirt for when the summer nights start to get a little cooler.

3. Festival Chic Bucket Hat Outfit Ideas

The bucket hat is the ultimate festival accessory. It keeps the sun off your scalp and deals with bad hair days. Plus, you can pair it with just about any outfit, whether you’re going for ultra-chic hippy chick or the out-and-out lay-about look. Slouchy jeans, oversized cardigans, and jackets shrugged off one shoulder all sit sweetly under a colorful bucket hat. 

And, when the summer heat makes festivals even hotter than usual, how about a sleeveless tank top, shorts, and your favorite band across your favorite hat? It’s the ideal outfit for sitting on someone’s shoulders and singing along to every song.

4. The Boiler Suit Bucket Hat Combo

The boiler suit or jumpsuit is such an enduring fashion trend. You can wear it smart or casual, which makes it the ideal partner for your bucket hat. Consider an extra floppy bucket hat with a loose jumpsuit. Flared trousers and deep-cut necklines are also great options here and allow you to strike a pose while staying chill in the summer sun. 

Look for matching colors to create an eye-catching silhouette. Alternatively, you could mix and match shades and really set off your favorite jumpsuit or other all-in-one outfit, like overalls.

Red head pretty woman tourist feeling confused and puzzled, showing you are insane

5. Top Off Your Beautiful Summer Dress

There are two ways to go here: complementary or contrasting. A matching bucket hat that goes perfectly with your dress’s color or print is a striking style statement. For the summer months, think yellows, lime greens, or ocean blue. Your matching hat continues your color theme and turns you into a fashion icon.

The other option is to go for a completely different color. Pair a white hat with a little black dress for a pop of “wow” — plus, it will help keep your head cooler. You could also wear a red or bright orange hat with blue, green, or yellow summer dresses to ensure you always stand out in the crowd.

Creating Custom Bucket Hat Outfit Ideas

Whatever your favorite summer outfit idea, a bucket hat is the trendy way to top it off. If your current hats don’t match this summer’s trends, there’s a simple solution. Visit Custom Hats Now and pick new bucket hats in a range of colors with fully customizable designs. Breathable cotton material makes these hats ideal for summer.

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Choose from camo print, Dalmatian print, or plain fabric. Premium, super-stylish bucket hats come in six bold colors with the option to add any design you like. Create bucket caps for your crew, club, or organization. Or simply get your initials on so your hat never gets picked up by mistake. Designs can be embroidered, transferred, and even done in metallic or holographic print. 

Order with just a few clicks, and you can opt for a digital proof to check before you commit to your purchase. You can even upload your own artwork for a one-of-a-kind creation. Find out more by browsing the website or calling 1-877-204-7351.

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