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How to Wear a Hat With Long Hair — Woman’s Style

Women with long hair know the difficulties of finding hats that fit. Hats can either push hair into your face or sweep it back so far that there is no point styling it. Learning how to wear a hat with long hair is a skill no one realizes they have to learn — until it’s hot and sunny or freezing cold.

Don’t worry, though. Whether you want to stay toasty in winter or cool in summer, you can find hats that won’t ruin your carefully coiffed “do.”

In this quick guide to how to wear a hat with long hair, you’ll learn how to wear fitted hats and other styles to complement your luscious locks.

How to Wear a Hat With Long Hair — Woman’s Style

How to Wear a Hat With Long Hair — Four Styles

There are loads of ways to style your hair with a cool hat. Here are four techniques that are making waves in the fashion scene yet are easy to emulate on any budget.

Wide-Brimmed Hats and Loose Hair

Keep your hair down and top it with a wide-brimmed straw hat for an ideal beach-ready look. You can wear this style with a bikini as easily as you can with shorts and your favorite T-shirt. It’s a simple way to keep the sun off your face, staying safe in the summer heat. As a bonus, you get to show off your hair, as the hat helps keep it from becoming too windswept.

Girl with hat

A Funky Fedora

For a nightlife-inspired alternative to the straw beach hat, consider the fedora. This versatile hat has been a popular fashion choice since the 1890s and shows no signs of going out of style. Best of all, it’s a great choice for those learning how to wear a hat with long hair. You can wear it with your hair tied back or fully down. Try it with a loose ponytail and just a few tresses to frame your face. The fedora works for both straight and curly hair and is suitable for any season or weather.

Bucket Cap for Bobs and Braids

The humble bucket cap or hat is more than just a festival favorite. Although many ‘90s fashion trends seem to be having a resurgence, the bucket hat is a “forever fashion” icon. If you’re figuring out how to wear a hat with long hair, the bucket cap is the ideal starting point.

Simply pop it on top of a bob, and you’ve got an instant style win. To contrast with the casual look of the hat, consider straightening shoulder-length hair.

Slim pretty young girl in hat

For longer locks, keep them unstraightened and style your hair as usual. Because the bucket cap is a little looser than some alternatives, you can use clips to keep unruly tresses in place.

Go Continental With a Beret

The final hat in this guide to how to wear a hat with long hair is the classy beret. French in origin, this hat has graced models’ heads on catwalks all over the world. It’s an inexpensive way to accessorize long hair.

Many people opt for the angled beret. Style your hair as normal, then top with a beret at a jaunty slant. You can use the hat to hide your bangs or leave the tips peeking out for a cute, quirky look. If you don’t have bangs, consider a smaller beret that clips in place. This allows you to show off your favorite hairstyle with pride.

How to Wear Fitted Hats – and How It Helps With Long Hair

Of course, there are many more hats you can wear with long hair. Let’s talk briefly about how to wear fitted hats — some of the most popular headwear around.

Beautiful woman with hat, happy time

Fitted hats like baseball caps without an adjustable strap can actually be really useful for managing long hair. You know the hat fits well to your head, so you just have to worry about styling and accessorizing. Learning how to wear fitted hats with long hair is really all about finding a look that you’re happy with.

If you have fine or fly-away hair, you can use a fitted hat to tame it a little. Tight hats can keep your hair out of your face when you’re out and about on a breezy day. Tuck your hair either behind or just in front of your ears and pull your hat into place. Style the lower part of your hair while your hat is on. However, keep a comb in your purse in case you want to take your hat off later.

Many baseball caps have a hole in the back of the cap. You can use this to keep hair under control. Tie your hair into a loose ponytail or tight braid. Pull it through the gap in the hat for a neat yet chic look. You can also style your hair into a bun as long as it will fit through the gap.

Fashion model woman in black hat, black mini skirt posing on white

Finding the Right Hat — Fully Customizable Hats for Long and Short Hair

Now you know how to wear fitted hats with long hair, it’s time to choose a hat that really lets your personality shine through.

Custom Hats Now provides baseball caps, bucket hats, and visors that are all ideal for anyone wondering how to wear a hat with long hair. Once you’ve chosen the right hat to suit your hair, you can make it totally unique in just a few clicks. Choose an embroidered or screen-printed logo or phrase or pre-printed fabrics. Alternatively, you can upload your own artwork for an entirely bespoke creation. The only limit is your imagination.

For more information on customizable hats to help you manage your long hair in any season, call our team at 1-877-204-7351.

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