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How to Wash Hats in the Dishwasher

If you wear hats on a regular basis, they’re bound to get a little dirty over time. When that happens, just like any other item of clothing, your hats will need a wash. However, washing hats isn’t always easy – washing machines can cause them to lose shape, for example.

You may not believe it, but dishwashers are a better option for cleaning your hats. This guide will look at how to wash hats in the dishwasher, along with a couple of other methods.

How to Wash Hats in the Dishwasher

How to Wash Hats Using a Dishwasher – Step-by-Step

When it comes to how to wash hats, using a dishwasher is a handy hack to consider. It’s quick, convenient, and often produces impressive results. However, to avoid any issues along the way, you have to be particularly careful and follow each step correctly. Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1. Check the Label

If you ask any expert about how to wash hats, they’ll always recommend checking the label first. That should tell you exactly how the hat should (and should not) be cleaned, including ideal temperature recommendations and whether or not it’s suitable for machine washing.

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Consider the type of hat you’re working with, too. Naturally, a delicate wool cap will need more care and special consideration during cleaning than a sturdy acrylic beanie. Some types won’t be suitable for dishwasher cleaning at all, so you have to be careful and only use dishwashers for hats that are tough enough to withstand them.

Step 2. Consider a Pre-Treatment

When it comes to how to wash hats, whether you’re using a dishwasher or not, it’s often a smart idea to use a pre-treatment first.

A pre-treatment paste or cleaning liquid can soak into the hat and break down any stubborn stains or bits of dirt before the main wash begins. This is best suited for hats that haven’t been washed in a while or those that are particularly dirty.

Step 3. Place the Hat(s) in the Dishwasher

With the pre-treatment taken care of, it’s time to place your hat(s) into the machine.

Placement is essential. Don’t just toss the hats in anywhere. Instead, place them carefully on the top rack. You may even use the shape of the rack – or a separate hat form – to prop up each hat and maintain its shape.

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Step 4. Add Your Detergent

With the hat placed, you’ll need to add your detergent to the machine. Feel free to use your usual detergent, but check to confirm that it hasn’t got any bleach. Avoid detergents containing citric acid, too, as that can damage the fabric.

Step 5. Start the Cycle

Next, you need to select a washing cycle. And, if you want to know how to wash hats safely in the dishwasher, here’s the golden rule: always stick to a low heat and a gentle cycle to minimize the risk of any damage or distortion to the hat shape.

If your machine has a light or cool wash option, those are ideal. Too much heat risks damaging the hats, so make sure to select no dry or a very low-heat dry.

Step 6. Let It Dry

Finally, it’s drying time. Remove your hat(s) from the machine. It’ll probably be a little damp. Ideally, you’ll next want to place it on an appropriate hat form, rack, or some other item that will help to preserve the hat’s shape while it dries out. For example, if you’re washing a baseball cap, you can sit it on top of a mason jar or similar tall object.

Put some paper towels or a regular towel underneath to catch any drips, and give the hat some time to air dry thoroughly. Placing it near a window or in the sunlight can help to speed up the drying process.

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How to Wash Hats Effectively – Bonus Tips and Tricks

Here are a few additional tips and tricks to keep in mind when washing your hats in a dishwasher to keep them safe and maximize their cleaning potential:

  • If your dishwasher doesn’t let you turn off the drying cycle, make sure to open it up and remove your hats before the drying starts.
  • For caps and similar hats, consider investing in a specific hat rack or hat form that you can use while cleaning to maintain the hat’s shape.
  • Don’t put anything else in the dishwasher when washing hats. If you leave the likes of plates and bowls in there, bits of food could wash around and stain your hat.
  • When in doubt, don’t use the dishwasher. Remember, some hat types and materials simply aren’t suitable for this type of cleaning – use a spot clean instead for more delicate materials.

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