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How to Clean Fitted Hats Without Ruining Them

Hats, just like any other wardrobe accessory, are sure to get a little dirty over time, especially if you wear them often. But, unlike so many other items of attire, you can’t simply toss them in the washing machine – the intense heat and rapid movement could ruin their shape entirely.

This guide will look at how to clean fitted hats the right way.

How to Clean Fitted Hats Without Ruining Them

Always Check the Label Before You Begin

Before we dig into the specific details of how to clean fitted hats, the very first thing you should always do is check the label. More often than not, that’ll give you valuable information about the best possible way to clean the hat.

Manufacturers often list key details about their hats on the label, including info on how they should be cleaned. It should include:

  • Whether or not the hat can be cleaned in a machine
  • What temperatures it can withstand
  • Which cleaning solutions work best (and which should be avoided)
  • The right way to dry the hat
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Even if your fitted hat’s label doesn’t give you all those details, it should still tell you what material they used to make the hat. You can then use that info to pick the most appropriate cleaning method and detergent type.

For instance, wool hats are best washed in cool water with a special wool-friendly detergent. Cotton and polyester hats, meanwhile, can withstand warm water and regular detergent, and the same applies to twill or jersey mesh fitted hats, too.

How to Clean Fitted Hats with Light Marks and Dirt – The Spot Clean Method

If you ask most experts about how to clean fitted hats, they’ll usually tell you to begin with a spot clean. In fact, if you do simple spot cleans periodically and are mindful of avoiding stains on your hat while wearing it, you won’t need to worry about deep cleaning and soaking too often.

A blue bowler hat on a white

Here are a few quick tips to make every spot clean as effective as possible:

  • Use a lint roller to gather up any dust, hair, and other surface lint from the hat.
  • Use wet wipes or a damp cloth to gently scrub away any marks or stains.
  • Make sure to avoid wet wipes or cleaning solutions containing bleach.
  • Use a soft brush to wipe away other little marks and bits of dirt from your fitted hat.

Don’t forget to store your hat in a safe place after each clean, too. If you put it in a hat box or drawer, it’ll be less likely to gather dust and dirt.

How to Clean Fitted Hats with Sweat Marks and Stubborn Stains – The Handwashing Method

Unfortunately, spot cleaning with lint brushes and wet wipes won’t always work. If your hat has sweat marks or stains that you can’t seem to get rid of, you’ll need to learn how to clean fitted hats more deeply and effectively. For that, you’ll need to wash and soak them in water and detergent.

Here’s how to clean fitted hats via handwashing:

  1. Fill a bucket or your sink with cold or lightly warm water, depending on the material of your hat. Check that the sink is clean before starting.
  2. Add a spoonful of the right type of detergent to your water.
  3. Before you immerse your hat in the water, you may wish to use tape to cover up any stickers (like those on New Era-branded hats).
  4. Dunk your hat into the water and use a small brush (a toothbrush will work) to scrub away some of the stains. Alternatively, use a cloth to rub at larger stains or wide areas of dirt, but be careful to not scrub too hard.
  • If your hat already looks much cleaner at this point, you can skip the next steps and proceed to remove and dry it.
  1. Submerge it in the water and leave it for up to two hours. Repeat the process of brushing and scrubbing after an hour if the stains are still present.
  2. Rinse your hat under the faucet to wash away soap residue.
  3. To dry it, dab it with a towel to soak up some moisture. Then, place it on top of a round container, like a mason jar or a hat frame – that’ll help the hat keep its shape.
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