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How to Clean Hats at Home

A hat can take your outfit to a whole new level. Besides adding a distinct visual flair to your wardrobe, it protects you from bad weather and keeps you comfortable. However, the accessory also attracts a lot of dust and dirt, requiring you to clean it from time to time. 

The following guide on how to clean hats at home will show you how to do so correctly.

How to Clean Hats at Home

What’s the Right Way to Clean Hats at Home?

Some tutorials on how to clean hats may tell you to throw yours in the washer, but you shouldn’t do that. Even the lightest cycles might be too harsh for the stitching and any design elements. 

The following method is a much safer alternative: 

  1. Fill a bucket or sink with warm water. Add about a tablespoon of your laundry detergent. Dish soap may work, but stain-fighting detergents are more powerful and better at removing stains from your hat’s fibers. 
  2. Spot-clean your cap wherever necessary. Do so by dabbing some of the detergent or dish soap onto the hat with a toothbrush. For sweat stains, rub some shampoo directly into the stain, and it should come right off. Just be careful around the stitching; rub too vigorously, and you may mar the design element or damage the threads. 
  3. Allow the cap to soak for a few hours. Approximately halfway through the soaking, inspect the hat for lingering stains. Give it another spot clean and let the hat sit in the liquid for the remainder of the treatment. 
  4. Rinse the detergent or soap with warm water and pat it with a towel to extract excess moisture. Avoid wringing the cap with your hands because this can damage the stitching, and the garment may not return to its original shape. 
  5. Set the hat on balled-up towels or a clean jar and let it dry completely. If you want to accelerate the process, use a fan or hair dryer on a low-to-medium setting.
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Ready to Upgrade Your Hat Collection? Order a Tailor-made Hat from Custom Hats Now

Even if you master the art of scrubbing hats and learn how to clean hats of all shapes and sizes, some hats might be beyond saving. A stain or two might be too stubborn, or the fabric has discolored after too much washing. 

At some point, you’ll start wondering: “Why am I wasting my time washing hats when I can buy a new one?” If you’re ready to revamp your hat collection, Custom Hats Now will be your go-to option. But we don’t sell just about any hats – we offer tailor-made garments that reflect your personality. 

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How? By allowing you to customize your hats. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the Custom Hats Now website and choose your style. The available options are baseball caps, snapback caps, visors, and bucket caps. 
  2. Select your logo imprint style. Direct embroidery is the most popular solution, but you can also opt for heat transfer, 3D embroidery, and screen imprinting. 
  3. Pick the clasp. Most people go for good old Velcro, but there are four additional styles to choose from, including single-line snap and double-line snap. 
  4. Head over to the “Customize Your Hats” section, which is where the real magic begins. Pick your color (e.g., royal blue, orange, purple, rose red, navy blue), visor color, button color (if you order at least 10 caps), stitching, and back panel color (if you order at least 200 caps). Enter how many hats you need in the “Quantity” box and select the suitable imprint position (front, back, left, right). 
  5. Type in the text you want to appear on your cap, as well as the font size, alignment, fill color and outline. You can also combine the writing with art from the “Add Art” menu or upload your own artwork from the “Upload” window. 
  6. Proceed to the “Additional Instructions” field, where you can make many special requests about your cap. 
  7. Choose a guaranteed delivery date, review your order, tap “Add to Cart,” finalize your purchase, and – voila – your cap is ready for shipping. The earliest you can receive your product is 5-12 days from the order date, depending on your location.
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Why Choose Custom Hats Now for Your New Hat?

Custom Hats Now is the leading provider of tailor-made hats. Here’s why: 

  • It’s fully customizable – Custom Hats Now eliminates the need for generic hats, as the website enables you to customize every element of your caps. 
  • It comes with a digital proof – Before production starts, Custom Hats Now sends a digital version of your hat, so you can approve or change the design. 
  • It offers bulk orders – You can order hundreds of caps from Custom Hats Now, making it the go-to option for bulk purchases.


What’s the best hat material?

In many people’s eyes, nylon is the best hat material because it lends itself to stunning patterns and is machine-washable. It also attracts less dirt than other materials due to its smoother fibers. All you need to clean it is to wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Should you wash hats in a washing machine?

No. While there are some machine-washable materials, most hats lose their original shape after a cycle.

Is it safe to clean hats with dishwashing detergent?

No. Avoid washing hats with dishwashing detergent because it’s too harsh.

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